PT. Linuxindo Total Solusi

Founded in 1998, PT. Linuxindo Total Solusi is an information technology company that focuses on Free Open Source Software based on Linux. Our expertises are in fine tuning, installation and configuration Linux server, server maintenance, develop web based application, and Linux training center.
If Linux and Open Source is your best option, then we are your best partner!


To become a Leading IT company that develops the best quality product and provide the exact and integrated solution for our clients and stakeholders.

  • To implement Linux and Open Source effectively and efficiently to the business world.
  • To Provide the best IT solution to our client's needs
  • To build a qualified human resources who are committed, with good team-work, integrity and professional.

Our Expertises

We support your company in providing qualified softwares and software development based on your company's need, which will increase productivity and efficiency.


We support your company in installing, configurating, and fine tuning Linux-based servers. This will increase the efficiency and effectiveness on IT in your company.


One Year Linux Professional Program
This program is for Fresh Graduates and young professionals who want to become an expert in Linux and improving their career.

In House Custom training
Training moduls are designed according to your demands and your company's needs.